• Can You Wear A Hawaiian Shirt To A Wedding?

Can You Wear A Hawaiian Shirt To A Wedding?

Last update: 2024-05-05

Wearing a Hawaiian shirt to a wedding is a questionable fashion choice. While Hawaiian shirts evoke a casual, beachy vibe, weddings typically call for more formal attire. However, the formality of a wedding varies, so Can You Wear A Hawaiian Shirt To A Wedding? It depends on several factors.

Key Considerations for Wearing a Hawaiian Shirt to a Wedding

When deciding if a Hawaiian shirt is appropriate to wear to a wedding, here are some key things to consider:

Formality of the Wedding

Happy beach vacation couple tourists enjoying sunset with arms up in freedom view from behind. Woman and man standing in hawaiian shirt against ocean background dusk in Lanikai, Oahu, Hawaii.
  • Black tie/Very formal: Wearing a Hawaiian shirt would be too casual for this dress code. Stick to a tuxedo or dark suit and tie.
  • Semi-formal/Cocktail attire: A Hawaiian shirt would likely still be too casual for this level of formality. Opt for a suit and tie instead.
  • Casual or daytime: A Hawaiian shirt may be okay for a more casual wedding, although a button-up shirt and slacks would be safer.
  • Beach wedding: A Hawaiian shirt is likely fine for a beach wedding, where attire is relaxed.

So the more formal the wedding, the less appropriate a Hawaiian shirt becomes. Stick to formal suits and ties for formal events.

Time of Day

  • Daytime: Hawaiian shirts tend to look more appropriate for daytime events.
  • Evening: For evening weddings, Hawaiian shirts tend to look out of place compared to more formal evening wear.

Opt for Hawaiian shirts at casual daytime weddings rather than formal evening affairs.


  • Outdoors/beachside: A Hawaiian shirt looks fitting for an outdoor or beach wedding venue.
  • Chapel/hotel ballroom: The venue can dictate formality, and Hawaiian shirts will look out of place at formal indoor venues.
  • Backyard wedding: For a backyard wedding, a Hawaiian shirt is much more fitting than it would be for a grand hotel ballroom.

Consider if the Hawaiian shirt matches the formality and aesthetics of the wedding venue. More casual, outdoor weddings suit the look.

Relationship to the Couple

Handsome male in hawaiian shirt standing on the street with sunglasses looking away
  • Immediate family: It's best to ask the couple for any dress code input if you're in the immediate family. Hawaiian shirts may be too casual unless approved.
  • Friend/distant family: You likely have more leeway to express your personal style if you're a friend or extended family. But still aim for respectful attire.

Gauge what's appropriate based on your relationship to the couple. The closer you are, the more formal you should dress.

How to Style a Hawaiian Shirt for a Wedding

If you decide a Hawaiian shirt is suitable for the wedding:

  • Select a shirt in muted tones rather than bright, flashy colors/patterns. Darker and more subtle looks more polished.
  • Pair it with dress pants or chinos in a complementary color. Avoid shorts or jeans.
  • Wear leather dress shoes, not sandals or flip flops.
  • Add a sports jacket on top for a pulled-together look if needed.

Aim for a smart, tailored appearance rather than fully casual beach-mode. Stay away from loud patterns/colors.

General Tips for Wedding Attire

Some suggested guidelines for looking your best as a wedding guest:

Handsome happy male in hawaiian shirt standing on the street looking at camera
  • Check the dress code on the invitation to determine formality.
  • If unsure, it's better to err on the dressier side. You can always lose the tie or jacket.
  • Match your accessories to your outfit. Quality leather dress shoes, belt, and watch.
  • The focus should be on the couple. Avoid outfits that are too loud or attention-grabbing.
  • Be neat, clean, and well-groomed from head to toe.
  • Wear something you feel great in. Confidence is key.


The bottom line is Can You Wear A Hawaiian Shirt To A Wedding? Yes, you potentially can, but it depends on the formality, time of day, venue, and your relationship to the couple. The more casual the wedding, the more appropriate a Hawaiian shirt becomes. Aim for a polished, tailored look rather than fully casual. When in doubt, opt for traditional formalwear. Most importantly, check with the couple and dress to match the occasion.

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