• How Baggy Should A Hawaiian Shirt Be

How Baggy Should A Hawaiian Shirt Be

Last update: 2023-10-08

Aloha! The Hawaiian shirt, also known as an Aloha shirt, is a casual shirt with a brightly colored, bold print that evokes the relaxed island lifestyle of Hawaii. When wearing a Hawaiian shirt, the right amount of bagginess can take your look from stuffy to stylish. Here are some professional tips on getting the perfect drape when wearing this casual classic.

Factors That Affect Fit

There are a few key factors that impact how loose or fitted a Hawaiian shirt looks:

Your Body Type

The cut of a Hawaiian shirt should complement your body shape and size. Larger men may prefer a boxier cut, while slimmer builds look better with a slim or tailored fit. The shirt's length also impacts bagginess, with longer shirts allowing for more fabric to drape.

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The Style of Shirt

Some Hawaiian shirts are designed to be worn very oversized as part of the aesthetic, while contemporary tailored cuts have a more streamlined silhouette. If you want maximum bagginess, look for styles labeled as having an extra loose "camp shirt" fit.

Fabric Type

The fabric a Hawaiian shirt is made from impacts drape and flow. Lightweight rayon or polyester styles tend to be more billowy and full. Cotton Hawaiian shirts, especially heavier weights, have more structure and less drape.

Finding the Right Amount of Bagginess

A Hawaiian shirt looks best when it drapes loosely but is not totally shapeless. Here are some tips for getting that perfect laidback look:

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  • Go up one size - Ordering a Hawaiian shirt one size larger than your normal size can add comfortable roominess without looking sloppy.
  • Pay attention to length - A shirt that hits just below your back pockets is ideal. Going much longer results in too much fabric.
  • Choose lighter fabrics - As mentioned above, rayon, silk, or poly-versus-cotton makes for increased fullness and drape.
  • Leave it un-tucked - Letting a Hawaiian shirt hang loose, not tucking it in, enhances the casual vibe.
  • Wear with slimmer bottoms - Balancing a roomy Hawaiian shirt on top with tailored shorts or pants helps balance proportions.
  • Size up selectively - Only go up a size in the chest and shoulders, not overall, for a subtly boxier shape.
  • Add shape with a belt - Putting a belt at your natural waist, but leaving the shirt loose above and below the belt, defines your shape.

Examples of Ideal Bagginess

To visualize the perfect amount of loose drape for a Hawaiian shirt, here are some examples:

  • The hem hangs to mid-seat or lower, providing ample shirt tail.
  • There are no pulling button gaps, but the placket doesn't fit too tightly across the chest either.
  • The sleeves hit around mid-bicep or longer and have a relaxed, easy fit.
  • There are soft folds and drapes in the fabric as you move, but the shirt doesn't pool around your waist.
  • With a single button undone, the neckline has some, but not excessive, looseness.
  • The shoulder seams extend just to the end of your shoulders without drooping past.

Finding the Right Balance

Hopefully these tips have provided some useful guidance on achieving that perfectly relaxed Hawaiian shirt look. The main takeaways when selecting your size are:

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  • Choose a size that complements your body type.
  • Opt for styles and fabrics with some drape.
  • Size up, but only moderately and not across the full shirt.
  • Counter any bagginess up top with well-fitted bottoms.
  • Don't drown yourself in fabric - leave some tailoring and shape.

Finding that sweet spot between a custom-fitted dress shirt and oversized sloppy pajamas is key to maximizing both the comfort and stylishness of a Hawaiian shirt. With some experimentation on sizing and proportion, your aloha attire will have you looking like a relaxed beach local rather than a lost tourist.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a Hawaiian shirt be?

Ideally, a Hawaiian shirt should extend to the mid-seat or longer in length. Anything much shorter than hitting just below your back pockets will look disproportionately boxy.

Should I order a Hawaiian shirt in my normal size?

It's recommended to order a Hawaiian shirt one full size up from your typical size, especially if you want a roomier, baggy fit. The extra room allows for billowing without looking gigantic.

What is the difference between a "tailored" and "relaxed" Hawaiian shirt?

A tailored Hawaiian shirt will have a slimmer, more streamlined silhouette. A relaxed fit will have much more generous proportions all around for a looser, casual look.

Is it ok to wear a Hawaiian shirt untucked?

Absolutely! Letting a Hawaiian shirt hang loose and untucked is the most authentic way to wear it. Tucking defeats the aloha vibe.

What fabrics make the baggiest Hawaiian shirts?

Lightweight rayon, polyester, and blended fabrics have the most drape. Heavier cotton Hawaiian shirts, like poplin, tend to have less drape and flow.


The beauty of the Hawaiian shirt lies in its carefree, island-inspired vibe. When selecting your looseness, focus on proportion, balance, and wearability. Seek out styles and sizes that work with your body type. Avoid excess fabric, but allow for draping and drape. With some trial and error, you'll find your perfect expression of this casual classic. Hang loose and stay stylish!

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