• Can You Wear A Hawaiian Shirt Without An Undershirt?

Can You Wear A Hawaiian Shirt Without An Undershirt?

Last update: 2023-10-26

The Hawaiian shirt, also known as an Aloha shirt, is a casual style of shirt that originated in Hawaii. It is known for its colorful prints and casual, relaxed aesthetic. Many people find Hawaiian shirts to be comfortable in hot weather, thanks to their lightweight, breathable materials. However, some may wonder if it is acceptable to wear a Hawaiian shirt without an undershirt or consider if it is necessary for coverage and modesty.

To Undershirt or Not To Undershirt with a Hawaiian Shirt

When wearing a Hawaiian shirt, you do have the option to wear it without an undershirt. There are a few factors to consider when deciding:

Coverage and Modesty

Some Hawaiian shirts can be quite thin or made from sheer materials. For modesty, you may want to wear an undershirt that provides additional coverage if your shirt is see-through. Similarly, if your Hawaiian shirt has a deep v-neck cut, an undershirt can fill in the gap.

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On the other hand, many Hawaiian shirts are opaque enough on their own. If you have a shirt made from thicker, high-quality materials, you likely have sufficient coverage already. An undershirt would not be necessary for modesty in this case.

Temperature Regulation

In hot summer weather, extra layers can feel stifling. The open, loose style of Hawaiian shirts allows for good airflow to keep you cool. Adding an undershirt reduces that breathability and ventilation.

However, in overly air-conditioned spaces, an undershirt can add a bit more warmth and insulation. It also absorbs sweat instead of your Hawaiian shirt if you tend to perspire a lot.


Some people find the extra layer of an undershirt uncomfortable, constricting, and itchy" preferring the luxe feeling of an Hawaiian shirt next to skin. But for others, an undershirt prevents skin irritation from scratchy fabrics. It also minimizes the potential for the shirt graphics to rub off on your skin over time.


From a visual perspective, you may prefer the clean look of an Hawaiian shirt without anything peeking out from underneath. But an undershirt can also smooth out the silhouette if your Hawaiian shirt is loose and billowy. A crew neck tee offers a bit of layering, while a v-neck undershirt remains hidden.

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Cultural Considerations

In Hawaii, it is generally acceptable to wear Hawaiian shirts without undershirts in casual contexts. But for formal occasions, weddings, funerals, or business meetings, an undershirt may be appropriate to look polished and professional. Consider the situation and setting when deciding.

Guidelines for Wearing a Hawaiian Shirt Without an Undershirt

If you decide to wear your Hawaiian shirt without an undershirt, keep these tips in mind:

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  • Select a shirt made from high-quality, opaque materials that provide sufficient coverage on their own. Avoid thin or sheer fabrics.
  • Choose a shirt with an appropriate neckline. A crew neck or Mandarin collar offers more coverage than a v-neck.
  • Stick to casual, relaxed occasions where an undershirt is not necessary.
  • Be mindful of deep v-necks and avoid leaning over or positions that may reveal too much.
  • Wear a slim fit shirt tailored to your frame or tuck in a loose shirt to prevent excessive billowing and exposure.
  • Apply sunscreen under your Hawaiian shirt to protect skin if you will be in direct sunlight.
  • Carry an undershirt or tank top to layer on if you feel underdressed at any point.


The beauty of Hawaiian shirts lies in their breathability and casual comfort. While you can certainly wear them without undershirts, consider the factors of coverage, temperature, comfort, aesthetics, and context first. Follow basic guidelines to ensure your Hawaiian shirt maintains its relaxed yet polished look. With the right shirt choice and fit, you can comfortably wear this iconic style sans undershirt for a cool, breezy outfit.

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